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About Us

As founders and owners of Parkside Orchid Nursery, Tom Purviance and John Salventi have spanned a period of dynamic growth and change in the international orchid industry. They began as hobbyists in 1986 and entered the commercial orchid world as owners of Delaware River Orchids in 1987. In 1992 they created Parkside Orchid Nursery Inc. in Ottsville, PA and operated it as owners/managers for 20 years.  Parkside became one of the most respected orchid nurseries in the United States for the orchid hobbyists offering a diversity of orchid genera from five greenhouses. They also provided wholesale orchid services to the northeastern region of the US.

 In June of 2012, following the sale of the nursery, they created Salventi-Purviance Enterprises, LLC in order to continue to provide orchid consultation, lecturing and teaching, and sales of greenhouses.  Their services are available to orchid hobbyists and professionals alike. 

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Do you need help with your plant collection?
It's Springtime, the perfect time to let us assist you in the rejuvination of your house plant or greenhouse plant collection.


Calling all orchid enthusiasts!
Spend the day with Tom and John at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond, VA to learn what makes an orchid an orchid, orchid culture and care, how to grow orchids under lights, how and when to repot and more. Bring an orchid for evaluation. Purchase an orchid from John and Tom's private stock or the Virginia Orchid Society. Visit the Garden's winter orchid
display in the conservatory.

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Tom teaching at Longwood Gardens 

Tom teaching at Longwood Gardens 

Lectures and Workshops

Tom Purviance and John Salventi have been in demand as speakers and workshop leaders throughout their orchid careers. One of our most notable recommendations comes from the Coordinator of Continuing Education at Longwood Gardens.

"John Salventi and Tom Purviance have been teaching at Longwood Gardens since 2002. After more than 34 workshops we continue to receive glowing comments from our students. The comments speak for themselves?" John McClintock, Director of Continuing Education

"Orchids for Beginners met all my expectations. The instructors were very well prepared to cover topics that beginning orchid growers want to know, and they explained everything clearly and with wit. With 25 years of experience, owning orchids and a nursery, they were the ideal instructors. You can't beat examples of orchids, which they had brought and the re-potting demonstration was perfect. I have been checking books and the internet, but what will stay in my mind is seeing someone re-pot an orchid and his anticipating our questions with regard to that, as well. To me, there is nothing I would change about the class. Having the handouts already prepared and in an envelope was first class."

"The Orchid Re-potting Course was my first with Longwood, but will certainly not be my last. The course was a perfect combination of informative lecture, demonstration, then hands on do it yourself. The course leasders were highly competant, experienced professionals who generously sheared their knowledge, with a good sense of humor. I loved the class and learned a wealth of information. I would highly recommend this class and will take other classes also.

You can see our style first hand by watching the video presentation from Tom's appearance on Martha Stewart's Television Show.  


Suggested Lecture Topics 45-60 minutes in length for Clubs and Societies

        • The History of Orchid Collecting: The development of the international orchid business today
        • Beginning Orchid Culture: Emphasis on the most popular and common orchid types and their basic culture
        • Repotting Orchids: A complete course for all types of orchids.
        • Growing Orchids under Lights: A review of the techniques for successful indoor culture
        • All about Phalaenopsis: A comprehensive review of the genus, and detailed instruction on their care
        • This above lecture is also available for the genera Cattleya, Paphiopedilum, and Oncidium
        • Roots, Its All about Roots: A complete discussion about the very special nature of orchid roots and how caring for them properly will dramatically improve your orchid culture
        • Orchid Nutrition, Practical Science Regarding the Fertilization of Orchids
        • Travel Log to South America: The focus will be on the orchids of Peru, Columbia and Ecuador in-situ
        • The Orchids of Weyqechas, a Biological Research Station in the Manu Cloud Forest
        • Orchids as Indicators of Climate Change
        • Travel Log to Asia: Our trips to the largest international orchid shows in Taiwan and Japan
        • The Orchids of Madagascar and Their Culture: Angraecum, Aerangis, Jumellea Aeranthes to name a few

Fees and Terms

Single Instructor $250 per lecture plus travel expenses and a modes charge for materials when needed

Double Instructor $300 per lecture plus travel expenses and materials when appropriate


Custom Workshops available in half day and full day formats

For the serious orchid enthusiasts or groups like Master Gardeners, we offer custom designed workshops

Sample Program

9am:  The history of orchid growing for the hobbyists and discussion of today's international orchid industry.

10:15am:   Basic Orchid Culture:   A review of the most popular plants available today and how to care for them in your home or greenhouse.

11:30am:  A short course on growing orchids with artificial lights in the home.

12:15pm:  Lunch Break

1:00 pm:  Repotting Orchids:   A complete and detailed instruction of repotting and mounting orchids with hands on experience.   Participants are invited to bring an orchid plant to the class for repotting and discussion.

2:30pm:  Travel Log Presentation:   The Orchid Shows of Japan and Taiwan

3:30pm:  Question and Answer Session with the Instructors.    A chance to make sure all of your orchid questions have been addressed in the workshop.

Workshops of this sort are ideal for Gardening clubs, Botanical Gardens, Orchid Clubs and Horticultural student groups.  The actual content can be easily changed to respond to the specifric need of any individual group.

Fees and Expenses

Full Day Workshop:   $1250.00      Half Day Workshop:  $750.00 (3 lectures/workshops)

Expenses for travel and workshop materials are billed in addition to the basic fee.

We are happy to work with you to make your workshop an interesting and informative event.  

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  • 12x24 Lean To Greenhouse
  • 16x24 Reverse Gable Greenhouse
  • Orchid Greenhouse in the Woods
  • Stone kneewall greenhouse

Arcadia GlassHouse

During our years as nursery owners, we recommended Arcadia GlassHouse to many of our customers who wanted to build a home greenhouse. After the sale of Parkside's greenhouses, we needed a greenhouse at our home for our growing pleasure. Naturally we turned to Arcadia and have been completely satisfied with the results.  Click to visit our greenhouse In addition, we have become sales representatives for this unique company and are available to lend our experience and technical support if you desire to build a custom home greenhouse.

Arcadia GlassHouse designs and manufactures beautiful freestanding and lean-to greenhouses with strong aluminum frames and energy efficient double-pane glass or 5-wall polycarbonate glazing materials. We provide turnkey design and installation services to complement the architecture of your home.

Click here to see more greenhouse photos

Enjoy short and informative videos at Arcadia GlassHouse Videos

If you would like to receive a free brochure, consultation or quotation, please contact us at salvpurv@ptd.net

  • Collection Development
  • Greenhouse Maintenance
  • Greenhouse Organization
  • Mealy Bugs

Plant Maintenance & Consultation

John and Tom are available to offer consultation for your orchid and greenhouse collections.

Our services:

While our specialty has always been orchids, we have gained experience in managing a wide variety of house plants and greenhouse collections. Citrus trees, vegetables under lights, Ripsalis, Caudisiforms, Euphorbias, Cactus, Vireya, and more.

Greenhouse maintenance to include cleaning, watering, fertilization, repotting and pest control.

Collection Development:   Selecting an assorted collection of plants to maximize blooms throughout the year.  Includes recommendation of the best plants to grow in your environment.

Proper organization and placement of plants for best light exposure.

Instruction on water qualithy and fertilization.   We can test your water for PH and TDS.

Pest and Disease management. 

Plantsitting services.   We can care for your greenhouse collection when you are traveling or unable to do so. 

Fees:  To be determined based on the scope of the services needed.